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″I wish Central Bank would be robbed,″George Pickens said to himself. He had been making this wish daily from the time he had started work as a teller at the bank.


  All over the country banks were being robbed, George thought sourly. Why not this bank ?Were robbers scornful of its four-million-dollar capital?Were they afraid of Mr. Ackerman, the old bank guard, who hadn't pulled out his gun in twenty-two years?


  Of course, George had a reason for wanting the bank to be robbed. After all, he couldn't simply take the thick bundles of bills that were under his hands all day long. So he had thought of another way to get them. His plan was simple. It went like this: 


 If Bank Robber A holds up Bank Teller B…

  And if Bank Teller B gives Bank Robber A a certain amount of money…

  What is to prevent Bank Teller B from keeping all the money left and claiming that it was stolen by Bank Robber A? There was only one problem. Where was Bank Robber A? 



  One morning George entered the bank feeling something was about to happen.″Good morning, Mr. Burrows.″he said cheerfully. The bank president muttered something and went into his office.

  At two o'clock Bank Robber A walked in. George knew he was a bank robber. For one thing, he slunk in. For another thing, he wore a mask.



  ″This is a holdup.″the man said roughly. He took a pistol from his pocket. The guard made a small sound.″You,″the bank robber said,″lie down on the floor.″Mr. Ackerman lay down. The robber stepped over to George's cage.

  ″All right.″he said.″Hand it over.″″Yes, sir.″said George.″Would you like it in ten-or-twenty-dollar bills?″

  ″Just hand it over!″





George reached into his cashbox and took all the bills from the top section, close to six thousand dollars. He passed them through the window. The robber snatched them, stuffed them into his pocket, and turned to leave.

  Then, while everyone watched Bank Robber A, Bank Teller B calmly lifted off the top section of the cashbox and slipped bills from the bottom section into his pockets.



  The bank robber was gone. George fainted. When he woke he smiled up at the worried faces looking down at him.″I'm all right.″he said bravely.

  ″Perhaps you should go home, George.″Mr. Bell, the chief auditor, said.

  As soon as he was safely behind his bedroom door, George took the money from his pockets and counted it. He had seven thousand dollars. He was very happy。




  The next morning when George arrived at the bank, it was not open for business. But everyone was there, helping to examine the bank's records for the special audit Mr. Bell was taking.

  George was called into Mr. Burrows's office. The bank president seemed strangely cheerful.″George,″he said,″I want you to meet Mr. Carruthers, who used to be president of our bank.″



  ″Good morning, George.″said Mr. Carruthers.″I was sorry to hear you fainted yesterday. Are you all right now?″

  ″Yes, sir. Just fine, thanks.″  



  ″I'm glad to hear it. That was quite an adventure. It just goes to show how easy it is to rob our bank.″

  ″Sir?″said George, confused.″



  George, I was sorry to give you a hard time yesterday, but with all the banks being robbed these days I thought it would be a good idea to prove that our little bank can be robbed too. I have retired, but I haven't stopped thinking. That's why I played my little game yesterday, just to keep everybody on his toes.″

  ″I don't understand.″said George.″What game?″

  The old man laughed and whipped out a mask. He placed it over his face and said,″All right. Hand it over!″Mr. Burrows laughed but George did not.



  ″And the money?″George asked in a small voice.

  ″Don't worry.″Mr. Carruthers said.″I put it all back in your cashbox, all six thousand. We're just finishing up the audit now.″George turned cold with fear.

  Behind them, the door opened and Mr. Bell, the chief auditor, put his head into the room.″Mr.Burrows,″he said gravely,″may I see you a moment?″




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